Victor M240 Electronic Rat Trap Review

Do you want to get rid of the rodents in your humble abode within seconds? Then buy Victor M240 Electronic Rat Trap, right now! This product will help you eliminate rodents in your house quickly yet humanely! You won’t ever deal with those smelly rodents roaming around your house. They will all be killed in seconds!

This trap uses a high-voltage electric charge, that is why rats are definitely killed and there is no escapes at all. You won’t see any sticky messes, blood or gruesome things.


  • High-Voltage Electric Charge
  • No messes and blood
  • Green light indicator
  • Safe to use
  • Safe for kids and pets
  • Electric mouse trap
  • 3-plate shock-design
  • No escapes
  • 8,500 volts
  • Easy to bait with the use of peanut butter

More about Victor M240 Electronic Rat Trap

There are no gruesome acts; rats are killed fast and humanely as possible. There are times that rats can restart their hearts after the electrical shock, but with Victor M240 Electronic Rat Trap they won’t even have the chance to restart it because this trap has 3plate design with an 8500 volt that will last for 2 minutes!

Once the rat is inside the unit, there will be no escape and you will never see an injured rat ever again. However, in times of irregular escape, an auto-reset allows the trap to be ready for the next target.


Positive: People like this trap so much because it works really well and no time and money are put to waste. So better buy Victor M240 Electronic Rat Trap and your house will be rat free! You can really use this trap for a very long time! It is very effective and easy to use as well.

Negative: Sometimes, the green led light won’t flash even when turned on, but all you have to do is check the batteries. Overall, this is a great mouse trap.


If you want a mouse trap that would give our 8500 volts and can sure kill a mouse then Victor M240 Electronic Rat Trap is right for you! You can buy this trap at!