Agri Zap RZCOO1 Rat Zapper Classic Review

Do you want to get rid of rats with no mess at all? Agri Zap RZCOO1 Rat Zapper Classic will do the job for you! This unit is not an ultrasonic device, all you have to do is simply put bait with ordinary pet food and you will surely catch a mouse in no time! You don’t have to fret because there is no poison which can cause harm to your kids, pets and environment.

Pests will just have to enter the chamber and they are killed humanely with a fast but very powerful jolt of electricity. If you wonder how you will know if there’s a mouse inside the chamber, stop wondering! This unit has a red light that will tell you when you have a catch! Yep. It is plain and simple, no blood, no gore and no mess!


  • Bait with ordinary pet food
  • Easy clean up
  • Quickly kills mice
  • Humanely kills mice
  • Strong and powerful electricity jolt
  • Perfect for home use
  • 20 kill with 4-AA Duracell Alkaline Batteries
  • 30 kill with Energizer Lithium Batteries
  • Dimensions: 4” x 4 = 10”

More about Agri Zap RZCOO1 Rat Zapper Classic

One good thing about this unit is that, you don’t need to touch or see the dead rodents you just have to tilt the Rat Zapper and let the dead rat slide out.

Rest assured this trap will really kill all the rodents in your house. 100% customer satisfaction, guaranteed! This unit is really for home, ranches, business and many more places!


Positive: People who bought this unit said that the Rat zapper classic works great! It is a big help to them. Someone also said that this is a very good product to catch a mouse, it really works perfectly! No mess and gruesome experience. People really recommend Agri Zap RZCOO1 Rat Zapper Classic! Rodent population will be gone forever!

Negative: The only negative thing is, when the zapper has been used up, it will get the smell of the dead rodents. That is why; you need to clean it up using vinegar and detergent.


What more can you ask for? Agri Zap RZCOO1 Rat Zapper Classic can really kill the pests in your humble abode. The zapper is the most humane way to kill rats and effective as well. No blood and stains! It is worth buying for! You can buy this at